Robert Maclaurin

“Empathy, a real understanding of the whole implications of the scenes he has witnessed, is therefore a crucial part of the imaginative content of these paintings. And as often Maclaurin paints without horizon, looking down onto the earth itself, however wide the expanse that he records, you feel his engagement with the earth, his feeling for its fragile living surface. These paintings therefore, though at first sight they seem to be a straightforward rendering of a landscape experienced, they are not simply topography. They are actually very complex and their manifest poetry is a function of that complexity. They are as true landscape should be, images of the real world, but metaphoric, lit by memory and enlarged by imagination, by sympathy and so ultimately by awe at the grandeur of what the artist, Maclaurin has experienced.”

Professor Duncan Macmillan, Author


Robert Maclaurin (b. 1961) is a Scottish artist, exhibiting internationally, now living and working in Victoria, Australia. Predominantly landscape–based, his initial en plain air paintings and drawings lead to major works in the studio, capturing the contrasting environments of the Scottish and Australian Wilderness.



12. Mai 2016




Trees on The Mount | Öl auf Leinen | 18x50 cm | 2008